RELIFE RL-001G Multifunctional Maintenance Storage Box

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Gross weight 560g

RELIFE RL-001G Multifunctional Maintenance Storage Box
1. RL-001G multifunctional desktop maintenance storage box, suitable for storage of screwdrivers, tweezers,
parts, tin wire, various accessories, etc.
2. Organize items neatly / Multi-specification design / High Capacity.
3. Change the desktop from messy to tidy, and the storage rack is simple in shape, easy to take and place.
4. Multiple compartments are clearly classified, and the capacity is sufficient to meet your daily needs, making 
the desktop tidy and easy to pick up.
5. Drawer storage design, the 4-compartment storage can store small tools and accessories such as soldering iron 
tips and rosin.
6. Screwdriver storage hole, 18 large holes + 8 small holes design, can place screwdrivers, tweezers, etc.
7. Tin wire pillar design, four pillars can hang tin wire, pliers, etc.
8. Side storage, holds brushes, tin scrapers, carving knives, etc.
9. Neat storage and strong applicability.