Quality standards





Original Service Pack

12 months

Highest quality

– High price

– Unprofitable for older devices

Original (Refurbished) 

6 months

Highest quality

– High price


3 months

– Same quality as the original

– The best price-quality ratio

– Functional “True tone” technology

– May look different then original product


3 months – Lower price– Higher production standards – The failure rate is higher than the original

Used (Grade A)

3 months

– Lower price

– Also available after production of the originals stops

– May have signs of use


3 months

– Very low price –  High failure rate

–  Colors are unstable

–  Often does not fit the shape of the device properly

– True tone technology does not work on Apple devices

There are an unusual number of abbreviations in the world of mobile phone spare parts. We know that they are not easy to navigate. Therefore, here is a short article where we explain the most important terms.

Original Service Pack


LCD screen Samsung Galaxy S10 – GH82-18850A

LCD screen Huawei P20 Lite – 02351XUA, 02351VUV

LCD screen Xperia Z5 Compact – 1297-3734

This is the highest quality available on the market. 100% corresponds to the part that is in the device from the factory. However, at the same time, original parts are often very expensive compared to OEMs. Older and cheaper phones often cost more than the value of the device itself. It is not uncommon for this quality to be achieved only 2 years after the end of sales of a specific device model.

Original Apple – LCD

LCDs sold as Apple Original are original direct from Foxcon. For some Apple iPhone models, new screens are no longer produced, in which case the LCDs we sell are original LCDs that are removed from damaged Apple devices, then manufactured and resold directly by Foxcon. This is the only way to get a genuine Apple LCD without going to an authorized service center. Sharp, LG, Toshiba and Samsung make these LCDs for Apple.

Original Apple – all other parts except LCD

Apple cooperates with more than 200 companies around the world to produce hardware for its phone (Apple iPhone). Apple only develops the software and design of its mobile phones. For example, the Apple battery is manufactured by Huizhou Desay Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Our Apple device batteries, which are sold as original, are manufactured by these companies. This also applies to all other parts sold as Apple Original.


Premium is simply the highest quality at a relatively low price. Unlike OEM displays, it supports TrueTone functionality. The individual parts of the LCD set used in Premium products (touch screen, LCD screen) are of the highest quality from the Japanese manufacturer – SHARP Electronics. We offer a 2-year warranty on all products marked Premium, which we can afford due to the minimal failure rate and above-average quality. Japanese manufacturer SHARP Electronics is one of Apple’s suppliers. Apple cooperates with more than 200 companies around the world to produce hardware for its phone (Apple iPhone). For example, Apple’s LCD screen is designed and manufactured by 4 companies – SHARP, LG, Toshiba and Samsung. Apple only develops the software and design of its mobile phones. If you are interested in our Premium brand, you can read more about it on our blog.

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

Replacement parts sold as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are parts manufactured to the same standards, specifications and materials as the original. This is a copy of the original and any replacement part supplied as OEM does not lose function (except for TrueTone iPhone) or quality compared to the original.

Used (Grade A)

The original spare part is removed from the used unit. After 2 years from the end of the sale, there is no new original manufacturer part. Marked as EOL (End of Life). Therefore, the used product becomes the only original one on the market.


The quality of the spare part is lower than OEM. Not all materials and manufacturing procedures are approved by the device manufacturer. Since the quality of spare parts of this quality cannot be guaranteed, we offer spare parts of this quality with a limited warranty of 3 months.