Replacement Batteries for Oneplus phones

Did you know that your phone battery has been designed to die after 500 charges? If you’re like most people, your Oneplus mobile phone’s battery doesn’t last more than a few hours. To avoid these inconvenient and frustrating moments, consider getting a new battery before it dies on you. We sell replacement batteries for mobile devices that are highest quality.  Our Google Pixel batteries are the best replacement batteries in phone parts market so you can enjoy less down time.

Oneplus phone batteries

If you are looking for better quality battery that will last longer, then look no further.

How to replace your Oneplus battery?

There are a few different ways to replace your battery. The first way is to buy a new battery, that is shipped with free DIY phone repair tool kit. This is the most convenient option and also the cheapest method. Another option is to take your phone in for a repair at a local repair shop. This can be more expensive way.  We also provide currier repair service, simply send us your broken device, we will repair it and send it back to you. To proceed with this option fill in a currier service form.

Why replace your Oneplus batteries?

Your Oneplus phone’s battery is designed for the average user. It would be inconvenient if your phone died on you before you could get to work or school.

If you have a mobile device that has a replaceable battery, replacing the original battery with a new one can extend your device’s life. For example, a 16-hour iPhone 4S battery will last for more than 36 hours with a new battery installed.

Replacing your battery can provide peace of mind that you are getting more time on your phone. Replacing Oneplus battery will ensure same uptime performance as it was new.

Replacement batteries for Oneplus

We stock wide range of phone batteries. All batteries are new and has zero charge cycles. We guarantee best OEM battery quality which comes with 12 months warranty.

Most popular Pixel batteries in stock and ready to ship: Oneplus 5T, Oneplus 6, Oneplus 7, Oneplus 8T, Oneplus 9 Pro.