BEST 8800C PH Screwdrivers kit for Macbook, Samsung, Xiaomi

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2mm x 0.15mm, 3mm x 0.15mm, 4mm x 0.15mm, 5mm x 0.15mm

Screwdrivers Set BEST 8800C PH

We recommend that you have the phone repaired by a professional. We will not be liable if you damage the phone or part of the replacement due to improper installation.


  1. Screw Head Type: Torx, Phillips, Slotted, Pentalobe, Tri-wing
  2. Size: 166mm
  3. Application: Mobile phone, laptop, computer
  4. Material of head:  Cr-V stel
  5. Material of handle: PVC plastic handle
  6. Surface treatment:  Polished
  7. Type of head: ★1.5,-3.0,+3.0,+2.5,-1.5,1.2,T8, T10, Y0.6,PH000,PH00;


  1. Handle with pure ABS material with high hardness, good stability, resistance to environmental change carved stripes, easy to draw the line and has a non-slip effect.
  2. Tail take flexible rotation, effectively improve work efficiency.
  3. Screwdriver bit made of high quality branded vanadium steel, comprehensive ability excellent strength and toughness.
  4. Screwdriver rod made of high quality imported steel manufacturing, after the overall heat treatment, titanium plating, to ensure product quality, durable.