iPhone 12 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement (Large Hole / OEM)

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement Part for Phone Repair Professionals

Introducing the iPhone 12 Pro Max back glass replacement part! This mobile phone replacement glass comes with an extended warranty. Optionally add to card our selection of professional mobile phone DIY repair tools, making it the perfect choice for those who want to keep their devices in tip-top shape.

This battery cover replacement part is compatible with the Phone 12 Pro and features best quality repair standards for repair shops and individuals alike. This product is the ideal choice for those looking to keep their devices running like new.

This OEM (highest quality) back cover replacement part. If your original glass is cracked, damaged or not working properly, this is the ideal replacement, you can be sure it will work properly for a long time.

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Graphite (Grey), Gold, Silver, Blue, White

iPhone 12 Pro Max Back Glass Cover Replacement Step by Step Guide [Teardown Video]

We recommend that you have the phone repaired by a professional. We will not be liable if you damage the phone or part of the replacement due to improper installation.